Juan Pablo Galavis

Chris Harrison Slams Juan Pablo Galavis: He Always Plays the “Victim” (VIDEO)

Did Juan Pablo Galavis play the “poor me” card one too many times during his stint on The Bachelor? Chris Harrison seems to think so, as he is now explaining why he got so fed up with El Bachelor this season.

Chris tells HuffPost Live that Juan Pablo seemed incapable of taking responsibility for anything that went wrong. “We all know people like this they're victims," Chris says. “You'll never kind of understand the depths of him.” He snarkily adds that Juan Pablo acted like “nobody could ever have the problems he has had.” Fightin’ words!

To be honest, we understand why Chris is frustrated with how defensive Juan Pablo got during the finale. Between refusing to acknowledge his feelings for Nikki Ferrell and then declaring himself “done” with the show, JPG made it quite difficult for Chris to give viewers the kind of relationship update they typically want to see.

That said, we’ve been getting signs lately that Juan Pablo and Nikki might be in the process of mending fences with the show. Nikki got a drink with a Bachelor producer last week, and so we’re now wondering whether perhaps the couple might be willing to appear on Andi Dorfman’s upcoming finale to let us know how they're doing.

So maybe Chris and Juan Pablo can eventually let bygones be bygones. But it’s safe to say that Chris and Juan Pablo will never be as tight as Chris and Sean Lowe are. Seriously, those two guys are the cutest besties ever.

Are you surprised that Chris is still bitter about Juan Pablo’s behavior? Or do you think Chris has a point?

Source: HuffPost Live