Chris Harrison: [Spoiler] Will “Step Into the Crosshairs Next Week”
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: [Spoiler] Will “Step Into the Crosshairs Next Week”

We have so much in common with The Bachelorette contestants. For example, we love to wear Speedos (nope), tap dance in front of strangers (double nope), and binge-eat strawberries in the bathtub (yep). But on Season 9 Episode 4, Desiree Hartsock got a big surprise from one of the guys she was hanging out with, and Chris Harrison seems to think that what she learned is going to hurt everyone.

On Monday’s episode, beefcake beauty queen James Case swept Desiree Hartsock off her feet during a romantic (by which we mean monumentally heartbreaking) date in Atlantic City, but we were shocked by his unexpected overshare.

Chris Harrison: [Spoiler] Will “Step Into the Crosshairs Next Week”
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Turns out James cheated on his girlfriend during freshman year of college, and you know what they say! Once a cheater, always a cheater. Also, PUMPKIN EATER. While we're all about James being honest about his sordid past, Bachelorette host Chris Harrison seems to think boyfriend should have kept his skeletons in the closet.

"Do you think honesty was really the best policy here?" Chris writes on his Entertainment Weekly Bachelorette blog. "I know Des ended up giving him the rose, but do you think she’ll ever forget what he told her? It will be interesting to see how that affects their relationship in the weeks to come."

Desiree seems to trust James, but who knows if she'll be able to fully move past the fact that he cheated on his ex. And to make matters worse, it looks like James will be the focus of a little drama during Monday's episode! "James is really the one who will step into the crosshairs next week with some ill-advised words," Chris foreshadows of the trip to Munich in Episode 5. "These guys are really falling for Des and are very protective of her, and this is going to lead to some explosive confrontations."

Judging from The Bachelorette's promo, James makes the mistake of admitting that he's more interested in being the next Bachelor than winning Des' heart. Two strikes, you're out, buddy! (At least, the way we play...)

Do you think James should have kept quiet about his lyin', cheatin' past? Hit the comments!

Source: Entertainment Weekly