Bachelor 2014: Chris Harrison Trounces Juan Pablo Galavis at Dating Games
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Chris Harrison Trounces Juan Pablo Galavis at Dating Games

New Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis starts his journey to love/shame/regret tonight, January 6, at 8 p.m. on ABC, and he’s already all over the small screen.

Besides his Sunday night Countdown to Juan Pablo Special, Juan Pabs and Rosemaster Chris Harrison were on Good Morning America this morning to kick off Bachelor day. When not making duck faces with fellow GMA guest Cameron Diaz, JPG proved why he definitely shouldn't be on Bachelor Pad. Game shows aren't his thing, apparently, as he illustrated in the “Save the Date” segment testing his dating knowledge.

GMA polled women in the audience about various dating questions, with both Chris and JPG buzzing in to answer. Here’s the first question:

The best place for a first date is…

A. Movie theater

B. Bar

C. Muffin shop

JPG chimed in and answered, "Um ... muffin shop?" Chris immediately scoffed, "Muffin shop? What is this, 1958?" Way to back your boy, buddy! Not. Juan Pabs defended his choice, saying he thought that's what the women might pick. The answer was "B," bar, because obviously. JPG insisted that that’s what he would pick, but that he just thought the women might pick muffin shop. He seemed to take it a bit personally, to be honest, and it was awkward. But hey, we're all about hot muffins, man, so you have our vote.

Chris was quick to answer the next question correctly, and even when he was wrong, he owned the dating game so hard, it was like the game was wrong. Case in point: Which of these three things should you compliment a woman on? Chris’s answer: ALL THREE, DUH WHAT ARE YOU NEW.

Harrison’s prowess aside, it felt strangely like he was trying to make ABC regret their choice to make JPG the star. He showed up on GMA specifically to help promote JPG, but he ended up capturing our attention himself. Lesson: You can't stop awesome. And don’t stand too close to Chris unless you want us to forget you exist.

In JPG's defense, he was perfecto in the GMA intro interview, when he talked about how his dad made him tear up in last night's Countdown to Juan Pablo special. JPG's dad seems like a total sweetie — and Chris quipped that the dad was the one they really wanted for The Bachelor. Maybe next season … unless they finally cast Chris himself.

Source: Good Morning America