Chris Harrison: We “Couldn’t Help But Laugh” at Brian Jarosinski
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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: We “Couldn’t Help But Laugh” at Brian Jarosinski

Chris Harrison has been noticeably absent from Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette, but he was all over this week's episode. Much like we're all over this extra large pizza. Why? Because it turns out Brian Jarosinski had a secret girlfriend when he applied for The Bachelorette, so obviously Chris had to swoop down for an impromptu couples therapy session with Brian, Desiree, and Stephanie Larimore — the broken-hearted Playboy Playmate who Brian was dating.

"I got a call from one of our producers telling me we had a bit of a situation that I needed to be made aware of," Chris explains on his Entertainment Weekly Bachelor Blog. "I was told the complete story of how Brian not only had a girlfriend but that she wanted to speak to him and confront him at the house."

Apprenty, Des was down for a confrontation facilitated by her life guru (aka Chris), who found the entire thing hilarious. "I mean she [Stephanie] really, really didn’t stop, for a very long time. Des and I were standing there looking at each other and couldn’t help but laugh as this guy got everything he deserved," he says. "It really wasn’t a funny situation — it was actually very sad as this guy obviously was in no place to be there for Des, and he was obviously messing with this other woman’s life."

It was kind of hilarious when Chris had Brian escorted off the property by that cuddly bodyguard named Paulie, but the situation was also all kinds of real. Not only did Brian lead on a single mom (that's right, Stephanie has a kid!), he completely wasted Desiree's precious time. It's like, this lady already has her hands full making out with an entire army of hotties, she doesn't have room in her life for scrubs or bugaboos.

To the left, Brian.

Source: Entertainment Weekly