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Chris Martin Reportedly Spotted With Alexa Chung Post-Gwyneth — Are They Dating? (VIDEO)

Is Alexa Chung the rebound for Chris Martin after his very public "conscious uncoupling" from Gwyneth Paltrow? Gossipmongers would have us think so after Chris and Alexa reportedly met for drinks at New York City bar Elsa last week.

But what's the real story? Is the Coldplay frontman dating the English model and TV personality?

"They are not dating," Chris's rep quite plainly tells E! Online. "[The] story is completely untrue."

That negates the report from Heat's eyewitness, who claims to have seen Chris and Elsa tip back drinks "in a dark corner of the backroom of the bar" around 9:15 p.m. ET on May 6.

"Chris and Alexa seemed to know each other really well," the source says. "They were both in a great mood and even asked us to watch their bags when they went out for a cigarette. It definitely looked like a date to me."

Still, we're not sure we buy the rep's claim that the story is completely untrue. Granted, we do live in the age of Photoshop, but the tabloid did publish pictures of Chris and Elsa seated together. We think the rep probably meant that that the drink date happened but that it wasn't romantic.

After all, as E! notes, Gwyneth and Alexa have met — and they even visit the same London hairstylist. Until that we hear that Alexa starts having hair dressed elsewhere, we're thinking she and Chris are just buds.

Sources: E! Online, Heat