The Vampire Diaries’ Music Supervisor on Finding New Bands
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries’ Music Supervisor on Finding New Bands

We found some of our favorite new tunes on The Vampire Diaries soundtrack last season, and we’re always happy when we discover a new band. The show has always been pitch-perfect when it comes to pairing the right piece of music with the right moment, and we have one man to think for that: Chris Mollere.

Chris, the music supervisor for the show (as well as Pretty Little Liars) recently talked to Rolling Stone about picking a great band and featuring them on a hit show. Chris said he loves finding new bands and pushing them into the spotlight.

“I started as a music fan and musician first, so when we hear that artists are getting bumps in sales after we feature them on the show, that’s great, especially because no one is buying records these days,” Chris said. “My big goal is to keep artists as artists. I don’t want artists to be working in a coffee shop or selling real estate. They need to be making music. If they can be working as musicians that means there will be better music out there for everybody.”

Chris loves to feature indie artists like Telekinesis, Arctic Monkeys, Yuck, and Cults. And he doesn’t leave the audience hanging! He tweets the song lists while the shows air, so fans can find their favorite songs easily.

What a cool job! We can’t wait to hear what he picks for the Season 5 soundtrack.

Source: Rolling Stone

09.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amie Simon
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