Chris Rock’s “Adopted Daughter” Came Into U.S. Under “Pleasure Visa” — Report
Chris Rock
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Chris Rock’s “Adopted Daughter” Came Into U.S. Under “Pleasure Visa” — Report


Chris Rock has mastered the art of causing people to double over in laughter. These days, however, he’s got fans scratching their heads in utter confusion over his recent family drama.


TMZ broke the news that Chris and his soon-to-be ex wife, Malaak, have been caring for a South African girl named Ntombi for the past seven years. The only problem? The duo never officially adopted her and she’s been illegally living as a member of the family for the past seven years.


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Now it seems the shroud of mystery has been lifted. The now 7-year-old Ntombi initially entered the country on a B2 “visitor for pleasure” visa back in 2008, according to TMZ. The visa allows a visitor to stay in the States for up to a year, after which they must return to their country of origin and fill out some paperwork before coming back to the U.S.

Sources tell the site Malaak has been adhering to the terms of the visa and has made yearly visits to South Africa with Ntombi, where she’s reconnected with her biological mother, father, brother, and sister before promptly returning to the U.S.

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Insiders close to Chris maintain the Top Five actor has no clue whether or not there was a monetary exchange between Malaak and Ntombi’s family, and purports the girl’s move across continents was “all Malaak’s doing.”


As we previously reported, African authorities began investigating the strange case last year after Chris announced he and his wife of nearly 20 years were amicably divorcing