Chris Siegfried Would Do Anything For Love, But He Won’t Do What?
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Chris Siegfried Would Do Anything For Love, But He Won’t Do What?

Apparently some people (read: haters) think that Desiree Hartsock "settled" when she chose Chris Siegfried as her soulmate on The Bachelorette, but far from it! This happy couple is currently engaged, and Desiree just moved to Seattle in order to be closer to her man.

You see, Chris made it clear from the beginning that he's very serious about his Seattle-based job as a "production partner in mortgage lending" with HomeStreet Bank, and apparently he would have kicked Des to the curb had she refused to pack up her swag and relocate. In the first part of The Bachelorette Season 9 Finale, Chris told Des over dinner that he would want her to move to the Pacific Northwest if he was the last man standing.

“I value what I am learning here," Chris tells Puget Sound Business Journal. "And yes, [Des staying in L.A.] would have been a deal-breaker.”

Oh, snap. Desiree just got served!

While we understand that Chris doesn't want to wander around Los Angeles as a jobless urchin, let's not forget where his real talent lies. Sure, dude can probs broker a mortgage like woah, but his banking skills are no match for his way with words.

Chris is a poet and everyone knows it, which is why he's penning a book of poetic musings (about baseball and whatnot) titled "Diamonds and Hearts," which will be published by none other than Chris’s fellow Bachelorette contestant Zack Kalter. If the book takes off — which it most definitely will, since we've already pre-ordered a million copies — he could be in a position to quit his job and move back to Los Angeles with Desiree!

Do you think Chris would have broken things off with Desiree had she refused to move? And will they ever head back to The City of Angels? Dish you theories in the comments!

Source: Puget Sound Business Journal