Chris Siegfried Dishes Dating Advice: What Should Guys NEVER Do?
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Chris Siegfried Dishes Dating Advice: What Should Guys NEVER Do?

Chris Siegfried certainly knows a thing or two about wooing a lady, considering he beat out 24 guys (okay, two left of their own volition, but who’s counting) to win Desiree Hartsock’s final rose. So fellas out there shouldprobably listen up to his advice on what to never do when you’re about to start dating someone. And don’t worry, he still thinks it’s cool to write poetry. (Phew!)

Chris wrote a post on Des’s blog about how to ask out a girl, something he, uh, never had to do with his fiancée... “Let’s assume you’ve met a girl already and, after a week or so of texting, calling (who calls anymore), Facebooking, etc., you decide to muster up the courage to ask her out on a date,” Chris writes. “Yes, I think you should call her on the phone at this point and ask her out on a date. Do not text. Do not text. Do not text her and ask her out on a date. Man up and call.”

He’s really driving home his point, right? And it’s interesting that Chris — a writer, of all things — does not approve of asking someone out via text message. We’re actually not sure if texting instead of calling makes a huge difference in our minds — if someone wants to go out with you, they want to go out with you, right? — but it’s sweet that Chris believes in the lost art of conversation. Evidently, Chris is not one to limit himself to keystrokes, likely because they don’t do his rhyming couplets any justice.

Then again, does anyone even pick up their phones these days? We’re not sure.

Do you think Chris’s advice makes sense? Or is he being too old-fashioned?

Source: Desiree Hartsock’s Blog

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