Chris Siegfried Spills the Secrets of How to Win The Bachelorette!
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The Bachelorette

Chris Siegfried Spills the Secrets of How to Win The Bachelorette!

Chris Siegfried is a poet and a guru. The winner of Bachelorette Season 9 and intended hubby of Desiree Hartsock took to his blog to dish out love advice to Andi Dorfman’s current contestants. As a man who’s successfully waded through the landmine of love that can be Bachelor Mansion, Chris said there’s just one thing Andi’s men can do to help themselves. What words of wisdom made the short short list?

It is so important to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you could see yourself with Andi for the rest of your life,” he wrote. “If the answer is YES then really dig deep and find out what it is about her that makes you drawn to her so much. Ask her those tough questions that aren’t typically asked until you’ve been in a relationship for at least one year. Ask her where she wants to be in five years, how many kids she wants to have, does she want to have a family, etc., etc. These are all very important if you are going to make it work!”

Well that seems like more than one thing to us, but math was never our strong suit. The Siegster does have a point though, which is bordering on duh. It seems pretty basic that if you’re looking for love, you might want to first figure out if you’re compatible.

Chris goes on to say that being on the show is kind of cool because you get to ask all the heavy duty relationship questions at warp speed rather than waiting until you’ve already spent the holidays together, gotten a vegan cookbook as a gift, and then realizing you’re incompatible. “When will you ever have the opportunity again to ask such serious questions right out the gate without the possibility of scaring someone off?” he writes. “The Bachelor/Bachelorette thrives off those questions and puts one in the position to get the opportunity to ask those questions! So ASK!”

Chris’s advice is pretty timely too. In the first two weeks of the show we haven’t seen many of the guys really trying to get to know Andi better. Her houseful of hotties seem intent on trying to impress her with their own accomplishments and gifts of lamps and pants rather than digging deeper and getting to know who it is they’re showing off for. Maybe next week they’ll realize they’re only a few weeks away from a possible proposal and ask her the tough questions. Fingers crossed that favorite color and Which Disney Couple Are You? are at the top of the hard-hitting list.

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Source: Chris’s blog