Did Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried Set a Date for Their Wedding? Rumor Patrol!
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Desiree Hartsock

Did Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried Set a Date for Their Wedding? Rumor Patrol!

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones waiting breathlessly for engaged Bachelorette sweeties Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried to set a friggin’ wedding date already. (Yes, patience is a virtue, and all that nonsense.) But does the wedding-date countdown that was recently posted to Des’s Instagram mean that it’s time for us all to start choosing between chicken or fish?

Sadly, Des and Chris have not set a date yet, as the couple makes it clear that the countdown timer that had been posted to Des’s page — which claimed that the couple would be getting hitched in June — was actually a fake. As it turns out, Des’s account was hacked, and she now has a new Instagram page.

“Hey all! If you’re on Instagram, don't be fooled by the hartsdesire4 acct. my true and only acct now is @ DesHartsock. Thanks for following! ;)” Des tweeted on February 14. Revealing that you’re a victim of identity theft is perhaps not the most romantic message to post on Valentine’s Day, but that’s cool with us.

And Chris adds:

There you go: Your June schedule just got a little freer. And while we’re bummed that the date hasn’t been set in stone yet, we think Chris and Des should take their time and get married whenever they’re completely ready. Let’s just hope, y’know, it’s kinda soon. Like, perhaps next winter? We could make it an annual Bachelor Nation tradition...

Are you disappointed that Des and Chris haven’t set a date yet? Or do you think it’s good for them to take their time?

Source: Chris on Twitter, Des on Twitter

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