Chris Siegfried Announces Desiree Hartsock Wedding Date! What’s the Catch?
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Desiree Hartsock

Chris Siegfried Announces Desiree Hartsock Wedding Date! What’s the Catch?

It’s here! It’s here! Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried have FINALLY picked a wedding date and it’s ALL HAPPENING! Except, not really. What do we mean? Read on.

The Bachelorette Season 9 cuties have been cohabitating in Seattle for the last eight months, since their season of the hit ABC rose-centric show aired its finale and they were loosed into the wild. But for all that time, despite their romantic, heart-stopping engagement, we haven’t gotten a solid read on when they’d get married!

But all that waiting seemed to be over, if Chris Siegfried’s Tweet was to be believed, as the handsome former baseball player announced when he and his girl will become Mr. and Mrs. Desiris Siegsock. (Sorry, in all our excitement, we’re getting a little tongue-tied!)

“Hey hey! @DesHartsock and I are happy to announce we will be getting married on 12/12 this year!!! #ChristmasWinter,” he akwardly hashtagged wrote on April 1.

Check out everything we know about Chris and Desiree’s wedding!

Now, wait just a minute: Des posted on her blog today about their wedding toppers, they recently confirmed they’re getting married in California, and we’ve heard a little about who’s invited. But can we really trust jokester Chris on this most unholy of holidays, April Fools Day? Of course not.

We were dying to think so, since we love them so much and want to see them become husband and wife, like, yesterday. In fact,
we’ve been tracking their every marching move. But the fact that it’s a day dedicated to pranks of all sorts makes us a little wary. Although last we talked about the wedding date with someone close to the happy couple, we were told they were eyeing a winter wedding!

On Monday, Chris posted on Twitter that he and Des have a “very exciting podcast for you this week! sea...HAWKS! sea...HAWKS!” he wrote, tagging podcast hosts/BFFs Jason and Molly Mesnick. What’s the tie in? The Seahawks call their fans the “12th man” and the Seattle-rooted Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni couples are huge fans. So, they’re getting married on 12/12? Twas either not a coincidence or not the truth — especially considering Chris announced it on Twitter, Des didn't retweet, and ABC was hands off. Turns out, it was def just Chris giggling in 140 characters or less.

After getting over a thousand retweets and favorites on Twitter, Chris went back to the board to say he'd just been pulling everyone's leg. "Just kidding everyone :) April fools! But @DesHartsock and I love your support!!! Wow!" he wrote. No surprise, many fewer fans liked that act. One fan lamented "how can you guys do that," while another fan pointed out that 12/12 is Chris's birthday. Dude? Wouldn't a birthday/wedding combo just be the best? May have to start planning for then to keep fans — and present givers — happy!

What do you think: now that Chris has gotten everyone excited about a winter wedding, should they just follow through with it?

Source: Chris Siegfried on Twitter

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