Chris Siegfried Admits to Having WHAT Weird Foot Ritual?
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Desiree Hartsock

Chris Siegfried Admits to Having WHAT Weird Foot Ritual?

We love Desiree Hartsock’s fiancé Chris Siegfried to death, but the guy is not without his quirks. For example, we learned recently that he likes to get stark naked when it’s not actually necessary. Now, he’s revealing his hidden secret involving feet.

Chris writes in Des’s blog that he was very particular about his socks back when he was playing minor league baseball for the Chicago Cubs. Specifically, he “had to wear two pair of socks” whenever he was pitching. And this couldn’t just be two regular pairs of baseball socks. Don’t be ridiculous. The first pair “had to be ankle socks,” and the pair on top “were my Cubs’ blue pair.” We told you he was quirky.

OK, so we suppose that this habit of his could be worse. After all, he swears that he would wash the socks after wearing them. Uh, let’s hope so, as we know many superstitious folks don't. But this also proves that he spends a lot of time thinking about feet. No, not nearly as much time as Bachelorette Season 5’s foot fetishist Tanner Pope (remember him?) but not even podiatrists spend as much time thinking about feet as Tanner does.

Luckily, despite all this talk of getting naked and wearing socks, Chris doesn’t appear to have a ritual involving any strategically placed socks, if you get what we’re saying. Indeed, let’s just hope that all those socks are going on his feet.

Do you think it’s weird that Chris would wear two pairs of socks?

Source: Des Hartsock’s Blog