Chris Siegfried Won’t Watch Brooks Forester Dump Desiree Hartsock
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Chris Siegfried Won’t Watch Brooks Forester Dump Desiree Hartsock

Chris Siegfried stopped by Good Morning America with fiancée Desiree Hartsock and he seems perfectly at ease about Brooks Forester’s break-up with Des. A break-up, mind you, that had Des so emotionally worked up she threatened to quit the show completely just days before Chris proposed and she accepted.

Hard: Seeing your girl flirt with another guy. Harder: Seeing your girl make out with said guy. Hardest: Seeing your girl confess her undying love for guy as he yanks her heart out on national television. Well, hardest to see — if you actually watch it. Which he did not.

“I actually didn’t watch the entire part of it,” Chris told GMA, arm securely wrapped around Des. “We initially talked about watching the episodes and how we would handle that for our relationship going forward and we kind of just decided that maybe it would be best to watch the segment that we just shared together.”

But seriously, Chris, aren’t you just a tad bit curious? All of America suffered along with Des as Brooks bid her adieu, wishing we could reach through the screen and hand her a box of Kleenex. She loved him, she really loved him... and then she loved you really soon after.

Can it happen? Sure, particularly in a situation as emotionally intense as a reality TV dating show. And yet we can’t shake the feeling that something as important as your fiancée’s nationally publicized break-up, one that happened mere days before your proposal, might be worth looking into.

But what do we know? We’re so single we spend Friday nights crocheting a life-sized body pillow shaped like Juan Pablo Galavis.

Source: Good Morning America