Chris Soules as Bachelor 2015: Did the Men Tell All Special Hurt His Chances?
Credit: ABC/Todd Wawrychuk    

The Bachelorette

Chris Soules as Bachelor 2015: Did the Men Tell All Special Hurt His Chances?

In recent years, it sure seems like the Bachelorette producers have been using the infamous Men Tell All specials as a testing ground for their next Bachelor candidates, and tonight’s July 21 episode was no different. This time around, it was Andi Dorfman’s second runner-up, Chris Soules, the lovable farmer that fans only started to get to know in his final few eps.

It’s that greenness that might have the ABC Powers That Be wondering if the Iowa hunk has what it takes to be a winning Bachelor 2015 — particularly after relative unknown (though fan fav) Juan Pablo Galavis was given the gig last year, to less than positive results. So Chris was definitely given his fair share of screen time in the chock full episode — but did he succeed?

That depends on who you ask. While the dimpled cutie came off as charming in his “speed date” with the rando girl plucked from the audience (seriously, what was that?!), he also saw some bumps along the way — namely, his harsh words with pantsapreneur JJ O’Brien. During the confrontation over Andrew Poole’s alleged comments on Marquel Martin, Chris sort of stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and told JJ that he should have “acted like a man” instead of going behind Andrew’s back. Fair, but not really his place…

While that was a side we didn’t really like of Chris, that same uncomfortable conversation also allowed Marquel the time to shine as a potential Bachelor 2015 adversaryReality Steve may have his theories, but this gig ain’t locked up yet, we hear! And Prints Charming did a dandy job staying as adorable and gentlemanly as he was on the show. #MarquelForBachelor may be alive after all!

So what do you think: Did Chris cement his rumored new gig, or did he open up the window for someone else to step in? Sound off below!