Reality Steve Says Chris Soules Is the Next Bachelor — What Do You Think?
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Reality Steve Says Chris Soules Is the Next Bachelor — What Do You Think?

Warning: some spoilers ahead

While it was hard to watch Andi Dorfman dump 20 or so smokin' guys this season on The Bachelorette, the one upside is that we can expect a pretty great Bachelor out of the group. As is ABC’s tradition in recent years, the following season’s lead usually comes from the spring show. And seeing as Ms. Andi has one of the hottest assemblies of men ever, we’re betting no matter who gets the job, it’s gonna be an attractive coupla months.

Back in March, Reality Steve said that Josh Murray, 29, would either win the show or get the gig for the next season. But ever since his May 13 column, he's held firm that Chris Soules will likely be the guy with the flowers come fall’s filming.

In support of his claims, Steve calls to our attention Chris Harrison’s Parade interview from early in the season, in which the host called out five guys to watch this time around. Among them were Josh Murray and Chris Soules. Of Chris S., he wrote, "I think people are going to very much fall in love with this guy. He's a small-town farmer from Iowa, fourth-generation land baron. If you say he's just a farmer, you're missing it. He's a millionaire. Very good-looking guy. He really wants to find a wife and live the American dream."

Reality Steve added, “[H]e’s already pumping up America for good ol’ country boy millionaire, Chris Soules. Not too hard to figure it out. Just like I said with Andi before Juan Pablo’s season started, I’ll say the same thing with Chris: this is his gig if he wants it. Sure the show will do their song and dance and ask their audience who they’d like, who are their favorites, and they’ll talk about what a tough decision they have. It’ll all be just to drum up interest in the franchise. It’s Chris’ gig to lose. So any ladies thinking of applying next for next season, or have already made it through any rounds of casting, pay attention to him during Andi’s season because that’s most likely gonna be your guy.”

Those are some lofty claims, but after getting to know Chris over this season, we're not surprised. Though the hunk (and his dimples, sigh) were eliminated in July 14's Fantasy Suites episode for lack of feelings (on Andi's end), we doubt America would make the same mistake she did. Like the Bachelorette said while she was dumping him, "every part of me feels like an idiot." Your loss is our gain, lady.

What do you think: Would Chris Soules be a good Bachelor?

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