Chris Soules on Being Bachelor 2015: “It Would Be a No-Brainer”
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Chris Soules on Being Bachelor 2015: “It Would Be a No-Brainer”

The campaign for Chris Soules for Bachelor 2015 has already started on Twitter, with women across the nation questioning how Andi Dorfman could have let the hottest farmer in the history of corn slip through her fingers. But the question no one’s really asked until now, is whether Chris even wants the gig as rose giver?

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Mr. Dimples addressed his possible fate as the object of 25 women's affections. “It's a loaded question. They may not even think I'd be a good one. They certainly haven't asked me,” he says in the aw shucks totally humble way we’ve come to know and love. Of course they think you’d be a good Bachelor, Chris. You’re adorbs.

“If they did,” he continues, “I think it would be a no-brainer for me, because I would never meet those kind of girls in my town of 700. It's a unique opportunity to meet 25 women who are interested in me and my lifestyle, and who already know they'd have to move to Iowa.” Cue a million women Googling “what to pair with gingham and chaps.”

While Chris loves his country life, he admits it can take a toll on his romantic ventures. “It’s tough. I know everyone in my town, and they're generally over 70.” How did the man with so few women to woo learn how to woo so well? You’re a born natural, Chris.

Should producers come knocking (get to knocking, producers!), does Chris think he could actually find the Ariel Moore to his Ren McCormack (Footloose references, everybody)? The hottest farmer on the planet says, “I know it can work because I fell in love.”

Awwwww. Now all we wanna know is where’s the next casting call we can march our cowgirl boots on down to?

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Source: Yahoo TV