Details on Chris Soules’s Drinking Past and Court Date Revealed
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Chris Soules

Details on Chris Soules’s Drinking Past and Court Date Revealed


Chris Soules’s lawyers have tried to shut down the chatter around his fatal car crash, but it keeps on spilling out.

And now that a court date has been set for the Bachelor 2015 star, we have a feeling more and more details will continue to emerge.

Before we get to the court date, there’s a new story from an alleged neighbor of the 35-year-old to unpack.

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The man, 80-year-old Robert Berry, spoke with about his association with Chris via his friend.

The Iowa native tells the site the farmer grows corn off his friend’s land, and this friend has detailed all of the beer the reality star is known to drink while working in the field.

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“He’s quite the drinker,” Robert states. “My friend told me that when she goes to her farm, she sees a string of empty beer cans all over the field.”

He continues, “He just drinks them while he’s working and throws them on the ground when he’s done.”

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The senior citizen also has a theory for why the man formerly known as Prince Farming was allegedly hitting the bottle so hard.

“I guess he was having trouble out of the limelight,” he muses.

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“Ever since he came back from Los Angeles, everyone was saying that Chris got involved with other things besides drinking.”

And this elderly neighbor isn’t the only one speaking to the press about the Bachelor’s behavior.

Another source tells the site the ABC star didn’t have many friends in the area, thanks to his “better than” thou attitude.

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“He always wore nice clothes and his family farmed a lot of acres,” the insider maintains. “He sometimes talked down to people.”

Whether or not there’s any truth to these claims, the fact remains that Chris will be in court very soon, as his charging document for leaving the scene of a deadly accident was just approved.

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According to the Associated Press, Judge Kellyann Lekar sent through the “trial information” on Sunday, May 7, which also established an arraignment date.

Though a preliminary hearing had been set for Wednesday, May 10, that is now expected to be canceled as his official day at Iowa’s Buchanan County Courthouse will be a little later on.

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Keep an eye out on Tuesday, May 23, as that’s when the Dancing With the Stars alum will be arraigned, and we’ll likely have more updates.