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Chris Soules’s Rep Slams “False and Misleading” Reports Around Fatal Crash


More and more "sources" are coming forward with information about Chris Soules they think sheds light on last week's fatal car crash.

However, the Bachelor 2015 star's team is now coming down hard on these reports, maintaining they're all "false and misleading."

Chris's reps and legal team have been hard at work shooting down claims, including that the 35-year-old was drinking before the collision, and that he left the scene prematurely.

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But now they're not only fighting back at prosecution, they're taking on the tabloids!

"Neither Mr. Soules nor his legal counsel will be responding to the numerous tabloid style articles and journalists who have been reporting false and misleading stories by citing 'unnamed sources,'" the Bachelor's rep said in a statement to Us Weekly.

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They then promise to reveal "the truth" behind the Dancing With the Stars alum's actions on the tragic day.

The statement continues, "Rather, they will be focusing on presenting the truth, which will reveal how inaccurate and unfair so many of these news accounts have been.

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"We are confident that the fair-minded citizens of Iowa will do what they've always done — reserve judgment until all of the accurate information is properly presented."

This doesn't seem to have stopped new claims from spilling out, as just today, cited "insiders" that say the Iowa native smelled of alcohol and acted arrogant after his arrest.

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"He didn't appear to be visibly stumbling, falling down, drunk or anything like that, but he definitely did smell of alcohol," the "eyewitness" tells the site.

That same person says the reality star was unharmed following the crash, allowing officials to check him for injuries.

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That being said, the insider also claims the farmer was "dismissive, arrogant and callous" about the crash, and "angry" about the damage to the vehicle.

That source also maintains that this arrogance continued at the police station following his arrest, where he kept asking to see the "magistrate."

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"He threw a big fit and wanted to speak to the magistrate immediately and they put him in the drunk tank," the insider recalls.

They continue, "He kept saying, 'I need to see the magistrate, this needs to be taken care of. I want to talk to my parents. This is a mistake.' He thought he was above it all."

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Even when his mom posted the $10K cash bond for his bail, the source reports him being "discourteous" to the court staffers.

"Law enforcement in the region has been letting other infractions slide," the insider shares, referring to his previous traffic violations.

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"For him to act like, 'I don't give a f—k I could get out of trouble when I want to' then commit manslaughter. It makes [authorities] look bad. It makes them look stupid."