Andi Dorfman on What Would Have Made Her Pick Chris Soules
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Andi Dorfman on What Would Have Made Her Pick Chris Soules

Anyone watching "Men Tell All" Monday night could tell that Chris Soules is a catch. And just in case the strapping, handsome, well-dressed Midwesterner didn't seem like enough of a catch, a "random" admirer sealed the message (thanks, ABC!). But no matter how dreamy the land baron farmer millionaire may be, he never had a chance with Bachelorette Andi Dorfman.

The 27-year-old dismissed Chris before he could wake up next to her in a Fantasy Suite, and we've oft wondered how much of her choice had to do with his zip code. After the farmer took her home to Iowa to meet his family, she seemed half stoked on his enormous... tractor, and half confused about where the nearest leather shorts boutique was. In short, it didn't seem plausible that she'd move there. In her post-MTA blog, Andi admits that it was definitely a factor — though not the only one.

"I wanted Chris to know that the reason I sent him home was not only because I didn't see myself in Iowa," Andi writes, "but also because I didn't see a foundation with us." Uh, need we list his foundation-making attributes again?

Basically quoting Chris's sweet mom, Andi continued, "I believe that if you have the love, you can live anywhere, and I have no doubt Chris will find a love to bring back to Iowa." Paging 25 girls...

What do you think of Andi's reasons for not choosing Chris? Did you love Chris on MTA or are you fearing he will get the Bachelor gig?

Source: Andi Dorfman’s People blog