Bachelorette 2014: Chris Soules Lashes Out at JJ O’Brien at Men Tell All — Why?
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Bachelorette 2014: Chris Soules Lashes Out at JJ O’Brien at Men Tell All — Why?

Things got heated pretty fast during the July 21 Men Tell All special, with the topic of race being brought up just halfway through the first hour. Andrew Poole maintained his stance that he didn’t say what JJ O’Brien says he said, and JJ fired back that he was sticking to his story. What we didn’t really see coming was how Chris Soules reacted to the exchange.

Instead of confronting Andrew’s possible slur, Chris took issue with the way JJ handled the situation. “You know, you heard something from Andrew, supposedly. If it was said –– I mean, I don't know whether it was said or not –– now we're just speculating, now it feels like we're children,” Farmer Chris said. “That's your whole M.O. — creating an issue when it could have been handled like a went to Josh, you went to Nick and you went around to everybody else and created this whole buzz.”

Chris’s speech was pretty passionate — who knew the gentleman farmer had it in him?! — and a lot of the other guys jumped on the JJ-bashing bandwagon by applauding Chris. The pantsapreneur interrupted Chris Harrison to defend himself a few moments later, but again drew fire for saying “I don’t really care what you guys think.” Um, JJ? We feel for ya buddy, but man, telling people you don’t care what they think isn’t the quickest ways to win hearts and minds.

Thankfully the conversation moved forward to lighter fare… like Marcus Grodd still struggling to get over Andi. Egads.

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