The Bachelorette 2014: Chris Soules Nabs Andi Dorfman’s First Kiss (PHOTO)
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group    

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette 2014: Chris Soules Nabs Andi Dorfman’s First Kiss (PHOTO)

And we’re off — yes that’s a horse race pun, don’t judge — the kissing is officially underway on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette and we’re giddy in our boots about it. Gentleman farmer Chris Soules walked off with the trophy for first lip lock, and our knees have been buckling ever since.

While we kind of wish hunkmeister Chris had been part of the Magic Mike action so we could see him in his skivvies, we have to say he did look adorbs during his glamorous one-on-one date at the Santa Anita race track. Boy can rock a bow tie, which isn’t a sentence we utter often. (We’re craving a mint julep just thinking about it.)

The duo was all smiles all day and we thought they might blind each other with the whiteness of said smiling (spoiler, they didn’t). Chris was the perfect gentleman (the laws of physics clearly state a man must be a dear when wearing a bow tie), which was exactly what Andi needed after the drunk fest that was the previous night.

After walking around looking at horsies all day and chatting with a magical elderly couple about love, Andi and her man du jour had some noshes and then danced to the musical stylings of This Wild Life. After more smiling, the Iowan — perhaps lured in by the white light coming from Andi’s mouth — swooped in for some lip action. And then more lip action. And THEN EVEN MORE. Seriously, guys, this was some kissing with a capital “CAN YOU BREATHE?!”

We’re a little surprised Chris was the first to get tongue time with Andi — they actually didn’t seem to have all that much chemistry despite the copious grinning at one another — but we have to give him two giant thumbs up for just going for it. Apparently boys from Iowa know a thing or two about sweeping a lady off her feet, and if Chris doesn’t end up with the final rose we’ll let him sweep us any day.

What did you think about Andi’s date with Chris? Did you see the kiss coming or were you surprised he made a move?