Chris Soules on Nick Viall: “You Don’t Feel the Same Level of Respect” From Him
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Chris Soules on Nick Viall: “You Don’t Feel the Same Level of Respect” From Him

Gentleman farmer Chris Soules is the type of guy every parent hopes their daughter will bring home for dinner: handsome, polite, rocks a bow tie — and did we mention Iowa boy is filthy rich? (Yep, he’s got millions.) His heart of gold snagged him Andi Dorfman’s first kiss and a place in our hearts as a Bachelorette Season 10 fan favorite.

So when Chris speaks ill of someone, it’s basically like Ghandi bad mouthing that person (just go with us). So who does Chris admit is getting on his (still polite) bad side?

In a conference call this week, our future husband dishes on the drama Nick Viall is bringing across International borders. In case you’re behind, we’ll recap: Andi’s guys have been less than pleased with McSalty lately, accusing him of being arrogant and cocky — especially when he referred to himself as Andi’s “frontrunner.” C.Soules seems to back up the other guys’ assessment of the Nickster by saying, “sometimes you don't feel the same level of respect given from Nick to other guys.”

Chris of the corn does try to soften his statement by explaining Nick’s behavior in the unusual context of a reality show. “In an environment like this, it's tough to know how you're going to handle it, quite honestly. So, you can't — it's hard to truly judge somebody as a person because it's such a different situation.”

That said, Chris does admit that Nick doesn’t handle things the way he would. “We all have strong feelings for [Andi] and feel like we're all frontrunners in our own mind,” he says. “To be openly saying that to the other guys, it's just, I don't think that's the right way to go about it when you're — keep that to yourself if you feel that way, I guess.”

His comments on Nick prove to us what we already know, which is that Chris is basically the perfect man. Even when he’s telling someone to shut it down, he’s doing it politely and with dimples galore.

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Source: Reality World