Chris Soules, Nick Viall, Brian Osborne Sing Karaoke: “I Like Big Butts” (VIDEO)
Credit: Brian Osborne on Instagram    

The Bachelorette

Chris Soules, Nick Viall, Brian Osborne Sing Karaoke: “I Like Big Butts” (VIDEO)

In case you didn’t get enough of Andi Dorfman’s men proving they shouldn’t quit their day jobs when they serenaded a crowd with Boys II Men during Episode 3, a few of her cast-offs are at it again. This time they’re putting their pipes out into the ether known as the Internet for all the world to cringe at enjoy.

Andi’s bromantic group of suitors reunited in L.A. for the taping of the Men Tell All special, and apparently some of them didn’t feel like they’d gotten their voices heard enough, because they went out afterward and expressed their feelings through song. Chris Soules, Brian Osborne, and Nick Viall were among Andi’s exes who took part in the karaoke magic, and it was this trio that got up on stage and blessed all our ear holes with a rendition of “Baby Got Back.”

It’s hard to see in the footage, but Andi’s men are joined by Drew Kenney and Brooks Forester from Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette. And that blonde who’s dancing down in front? That’s Bachelor in Paradise contestant and raccoon whisperer, Clare Crawley.

Looks like a fun night — we’d like to know why we weren’t invited. Next time text us please!

Watch the video below, then tell us in the comments which one of the guys has the best shot at a career as a lounge singer: