Credit: Trae Patton//NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

The Voice’s Christina Aguilera hit Blake Shelton where it hurts on NBC’s Today Show this week, saying of the thrice-winning judge, “He's a little boastful this season. And he's a little lazy this season."

Blake spoke to HollywoodLife this week and, although he could have taken a potshot in return, he (sort of) paid Xtina a compliment.

Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

“Anyone being honest would have to say Christina [is the biggest competition]. She has two people that are dominating, and that is impressive. How the hell that happened irritates the hell out of me!” the bedimpled judge said.

Her achilles heel, according to Blake, may be hitting her stride too early in the competition. Although she lost Josh Logan this week, her two remaining singers — Jacquie Lee and Matthew Schuler — have been strong since the beginning. While they are undeniably strong contestants, Blake thinks a dark horse may be more the way to go.

“You never want to peak too early in this competition. People are looking for the under-the-radar person and underdog, and as a coach I am hoping [Christina] doesn’t have someone break out at the right time,” Blake said.

Does Blake have a point about peaking too early? Or does Xtina still have a strong chance of winning? Sound off below!