Christina Grimmie\'s Family Hits Venue With Lawsuit Over Her Death
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Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie’s Family Hits Venue With Lawsuit Over Her Death


Christina Grimmie died six months ago, but the legal battle over her murder is only beginning.

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The beloved Voice alum’s family has filed a shocking wrongful death lawsuit against the venue where the 22-year-old was murdered.

Christina was shot three times on Friday, June 10, during a fan meet-and-greet at Orlando’s Plaza Live.

The Grimmies are suing event company AEG Live, the evening’s security company, and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Plaza Foundation, which own Plaza Live, for a number of upsetting infractions, Billboard reports.

The wrongful death lawsuit also includes accusations of negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Christina’s parents, Albert and Tina Grimmie, want compensation for mental pain and suffering over their daughter’s death, while the singer’s brother Marcus requests damages for physical and emotional trauma caused that June night.

The financial demands don’t end there.

The family is also asking to recover “the future support the singer would have provided to her family members,” plus her projected lifetime income after taxes.

The Grimmies also want to recoup all medical and funeral expenses they paid this June.

Their evidence against the trio of defendants is alarming.

The suit says there were no metal detectors on the scene the night Christina was murdered, despite the fact at least 40 percent of Florida households own a firearm.

Stronger security apparently wasn’t added to account for the missing metal detectors.

The “Anybody’s You” singer’s family alleges there were only "superficial bag checks" at the venue and no body pat-downs.

Christina’s parents and brother believe this allowed the young woman’s killer, Kevin Loibl, to enter the site with two handguns, two full magazines of bullets, and a large hunting knife.

Christina Grimmie Memorial Service
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The Grimmies are demanding a jury trial for their emotional lawsuit.