Christina Milian Talks The Voice 2013 Contestants and Oprah’s Visit
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Christina Milian Talks The Voice 2013 Contestants and Oprah’s Visit

From her perch high atop the Sprint Skybox, social media correspondent Christina Milian has one of the best views of The Voice coaches and contestants. The former pop singer has been with the show since Season 2 and loves interviewing and supporting the talent on stage.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the mother of 4-year-old Violet to talk about this season’s crop of artists and her daughter’s special encounter with Oprah Winfrey.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How do you feel about the final contestants here?

Christina Milian: Great. The Top 6 are really all fantastic. They gave some great performances. All the ladies. I loved that everyone performed a country song tonight practically. From Michelle [Chamuel] to Sasha [Allen] to you name it; they all did one even if they weren’t a country artist. They really put their own twist on it and did a great job. But I think that some of the stand out performances tonight to me were Sasha Allen, Michelle Chamuel. Danielle [Bradbery] is always great. Her voice… I’m always surprised. This 17 year old with this voice … the voice of this woman! I mean Holly had that great up-tempo. I love watching her do uptempo. And then the boys. I love the boys [The Swon Brothers]. Their personality overall and their performance is always great.

Were you surprised by the results last week and the controversy that followed that?

I was definitely surprised. I was surprised that there weren’t enough votes for Sarah [Simmons] and Judith [Hill]. You know, I was a fan of both of them, but at the same time who else would they have taken anyways? I don’t know. The hubbub that came afterwards I heard. At the end of the day, Adam, it’s hard to watch two of your people go and its upsetting you know? And you work so hard with them. You love them. You really are emotionally invested into them. And it’s nothing against anybody, but at this point if he could vote, if he was the judge of it he’d be like, “I want my people on. My team. I want them on the show.” And it’s difficult to watch people go because they’re so talented and have so much potential. But this isn’t the end. As Adam once said, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

So you guys had Oprah on the special. How was that?

It was so cool to meet Oprah. It was a dream come true. I was kind of gushing. My daughter [Violet] met her first. She was like sitting on her lap, playing with her Barbie dolls, showing her, her Barbie doll and everything. So my daughter had more of a moment with Oprah than I did, but I did have a good time with her and she loved my hair and complimented my body on being a mom somehow, and I was like, “Thank you.” And then of course back to Violet. Violet had another moment when she just jumped on her and just hugged her and I’m like, “Where did this come from?” Violet is friendly, but I’ve never seen her be this friendly. So I was like, “Good job.” We don’t have a Godmother yet so, getting one. Just kidding!

Has she asked about Oprah since the show?

She’s mentioned Oprah a couple of times. She actually said to me the other day, and I don’t know where it came from but I walked into the inside of my trailer and she goes, “I loved Oprah!” She says the same thing about Beyonce too. It’s kind of the same thing. It’s like Oprah, Beyonce … they’re both legendary.

Is it too soon for her to have her own show on the Oprah network?

It’s never too soon! Oprah’s a good network. I’d like that one. The Violet Show. I’m just there to follow.

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