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Christina Milian Pregnant With Lil Wayne’s Baby? She Says… (VIDEO)

It’s no secret Christina Milian makes beautiful babies. Daughter Violet Madison Nash is proof of that. But could little V be a big sister soon? The rumor mill has been extra busy lately with the latest gossip saying Christina’s pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby!

The two have been spotted out together a lot lately, but the last we heard it was more publicity stunt than romantic interlude. And the way Christina’s telling it, there’s no chance she has a bun in the oven by anybody. “I am NOT preggos #MTO... Lol, where do you guys get this stuff?!” she tweeted August 8 alongside a pair of “laughing so hard I’m crying” emojis.

Seeing as the 5-foot-2 Christina didn’t look even remotely pregnant when we saw her at the ESPYs just last month, this news isn’t exactly surprising. What is surprising is that she didn’t take the opportunity to also shut down the Lil Wayne rumors. Both Christina and Wayne’s camps have been on a full “they are not dating” campaign for most of the summer; could the fact she didn’t give her Young Money man a nod in the tweet hint that something’s brewing between them?

Not likely, we know, but we’ll admit they make a cute couple!

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Source: Christina Milian on Twitter