Dancing With the Stars Christmas Dance Battle: Hough vs. Ballas (VIDEOS)
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Christmas Dance Battle: Hough vs. Ballas (VIDEOS)

What do you get when you combine Christmas, two dancing families, and social media? A Dancing With the Stars dance battle for the ages, of course!

Mark Ballas and Derek Hough may be besties, but that didn't stop them from taking part in a good natured Hough vs. Ballas dance war via Twitter this Christmas. Both families are chock full of talented dancers — including two other former DWTS pros, Julianne Hough on one side, and Corky Ballas on the other — and the fans got to see those skills in full force yesterday, thanks to a series of videos posted by the beloved pros on Instagram. We're going to go ahead and call that a DWTS Christmas present!

You can follow the entire war at the #christmasdancewars hashtag on Twitter, but here are some of our favorite videos the two "teams" posted.

First, Derek explains that this tradition got started over Thanksgiving, and is totally all in good fun:

The Ballas family got serious with a chant:

Here, the Hough family (which also featured
The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev) show off their skills in a winter wonderland.

The Ballas fam has a tightly choreographed routine going on...

The Hough fam shows off some rocking Freestyle moves...

Corky and Shirley Ballas remind us that they were a Ballroom force to be reckoned with long before Mark, Derek, and Julianne were born.

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