Pretty Little Liars Christmas Episode — Here’s Everything We Know
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Christmas Episode — Here’s Everything We Know

We’ve been wishing for a Christmas episode of Pretty Little Liars for years, and now our wish is finally coming true. This season, PLL is swapping out its Halloween special for a Christmas special, and it’s shaping up to be a festive and fearsome holiday-themed ep. Here’s everything we know so far about the PLL Christmas episode.

It’s written and directed by Marlene King. PLL showrunner Marlene King is not only writing, but directing this very important episode. Back in April, she tweeted: “I am extremely excited to write the PLL Christmas episode. And I'm directing that one too! @PLLlittletheory,” Marlene. With Marlene in both roles, this episode has to be awesome.

It’s called “How The ‘A’ Stole Christmas”. Ominous much? The Christmas ep has been titled in the style of Dr. Seuss classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Sounds like the Liars might not be in the celebrating mood when “A” is done with them. On the other hand, maybe “A”’s heart will grow three times from holiday cheer?

Santa boxers for all. OK, maybe not everyone in the cast will be wearing Santa boxers, but Marlene revealed on Twitter that “more than one of the PLLs bed-buddies may be wearing santa boxers.” That’s in addition to Ezra Fitz, who was the character originally linked to the holiday-themed underwear.

Hanna is on “edge.” And, by that, we mean she’s still rocking her newly signature punk style. In the Instagram photo Marlene shared from the set, Ash is looking pensive while rocking a rock n’ roll tee and studded sweater. “A little edge for the holidays.@itsashbenzo on set,” captioned the pic.

A queen will be born. “Hark the herald angels sing. Glory to the newborn queen. #MajorPllHolidayClue,” Marlene tweeted last month, implying that a new Queen Bee may be rising in Rosewood. Any guesses whom this might refer to?

Mrs. DiLaurentis is in it...we think. Yeah, yeah. Mrs. D. is dead, but when has that ever stopped someone on this show before? In all honesty, we’re not sure if Marlene was just teasing when she shared a photo of Mrs. D. smiling creepily at the camera and captioned it: “Love having this lady back on set. #CreepyMrsD.” Is she really back or is this just a photograph on set? If it is the former, we assume she’ll be appearing in flashback form.

Paige will be in the ep. Whatever the status of Paige and Emily’s relationship may be come the Christmas episode, Paige will be featured in the holiday ep. Marlene shared a photo of Lindsey Shaw looking lovely on set with a warm scarf wrapped around her neck. Is anyone asking for Paily for the holidays?

After the ep, time will speed up in Rosewood. Not literally or anything. This show isn’t going all Twilight Zone on us, but Marlene did admit in her Reddit AMA: “Time goes VERY SLOWLY in Rosewood,” Marlene wrote. “It's almost like a magical element to us, because we want the show to go on for a few more seasons, we move time slowly, but after the Christmas episode time will speed up a little bit and we will get to spring of Senior year more quickly than we've dealt with this Fall.”

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, August 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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