Pretty Little Liars Christmas Episode Spoiler: Who Saw Ali Kissing Santa Claus?
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Pretty Little Liars Christmas Episode Spoiler: Who Saw Ali Kissing Santa Claus?

With the summer season of Pretty Little Liars wrapped, we have to wait until the Christmas season to catch back up with our Liars. But, have no fear! The PLL Powers That Be are supplying a steady stream of spoilers concerning the Christmas special in the mean time. Like this one from writer Bryan Holdman, that hasAli (Sasha Pieterse) getting frisky with Santa Claus...

“#PLL Writers Room Spoiler of the Day: In the Christmas Epi, someone says, ‘I saw Ali kissing Santa Claus.’ But who's dressed like Santa?” Bryan tweeted yesterday, piquing our interest. (Anything to get our minds off of Mona’s murder!) Who is Alison snuggling up to?

Well, it’s important to keep in mind that some time will have passed between the summer finale, which took place around Thanksgiving, and the Christmas special, which will take place around, er, Christmas. With that in mind, Ali could have made just about anyone fall in love with her. Did you see how quickly she turned Mona’s Army against Mona? This girl has moves.

A top contender is Cyrus, who seems to share some sort of history with Alison enough so to go along with her fake kidnapping scheme. Or what about Noel Kahn? He seems frightened of what Ali might do once he’s outlived her use to him. Now that he no longer has the evidence he hoped to use as collateral against Alison, is he adopting a more personal approach to ensuring his safety?

Another possibility is that the kissing will happen in flashback form. Could the smooch take place between Ali and Emily? We now know how much Em loves Christmas; we could see her dressing up as the big man himself. And, although we can’t imagine Emily kissing Alison now that she suspects her of being “A,” Flashback Emily would have been more than willing to lock lips with her long-time crush.

Who do you think Alison will be kissing in the Christmas special? Share your theories in the comments below!

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