Chyler Leigh on Having Starred on Grey\'s Anatomy: \
Chyler Leigh on Having Starred on Grey’s Anatomy: “It’s Not Worth It”
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Grey's Anatomy

Chyler Leigh on Having Starred on Grey’s Anatomy: “It’s Not Worth It”


This might be a hard pill to swallow, Grey's Anatomy fans. As grateful as Chyler Leigh says she is in an interview with, she says that her time playing Lexie Grey on the hit ABC drama wasn't "worth it."

Um, say what? Don't throw shade yet, though — the 32-year-old actress makes valid points about the rigors of being on a broadcast drama. (Full disclosure: The interview is published in French, but we've tried our best to translate Chyler's responses accurately.)

"[In the case] of Grey's Anatomy, [I was] sometimes working sixteen hours a day," she says. "There were fifteen members of the regular cast, everyone had his cue, so sometimes we had eight or nine hours to shoot a single scene. It was exhausting! I was at the point where I was missing the lives of my children. It's not worth it. This is not a criticism of the series or people who work there. I am very grateful to have had this experience, and I always will be. But it was too [much]."

Chyler had two children before joining Grey's and another during her tenure on the show — so you can't blame her for feeling like she wanted more time with her young'uns.

These days, this working mother is starring — and enjoying much easier hours — on the internationally-produced drama Taxi Brooklyn, which NBC will air this summer.

Hey, we're still Chyler fans — and if she's happy, we're happy!


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