Ciara on Losing Pregnancy Weight: “The Flab Is Different Than the Flab Before”
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Ciara on Losing Pregnancy Weight: “The Flab Is Different Than the Flab Before”

Remember when Ciara gave birth to baby Future just three months ago? Well, in between nursing her little boy, hitting the studio, and fighting those pesky separation rumors regarding her engagement to Papa Future, girlfriend is working on dropping those pregnancy pounds.

After receiving clearance from her doctor, the new mama is now following a diet and fitness plan with the help from celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. So how’s she doing? According to Ciara, bouncing back to her pre-baby body is proving to be a little difficult...

“The tricky part is when you're hungry and you're baby's hungry. Try that!" Ciara jokes to E! News. "Holding [the baby] and eating at the same time. Momma's on a mission, and I’m focused, and I’m going to make it happen.”

Ciara went on to reveal that losing the weight is a lot harder for her now than it was before she got pregnant. “I remember a long time ago when I was working out and trying to get serious about training in general … I had probably about 15 pounds to lose,” she explains.

“This was the very beginning of my career, and my body wasn’t in tip-top shape. It was far from where I’ve grown into, but the difference now is, like, the flab is a little different … Ask any woman post-pregnancy … they will tell you, the flab is different than the flab before, OK? So I’m just going to shoot it to you straight!”

Oh, Ciara. We love your honesty, but we’ve got to say it: Flab or no flab, you still look amazing — even after giving birth just three months ago!

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Source: E! News