Originals Star Claire Holt Dishes About Her “Neat Freak” Boyfriend
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Originals Star Claire Holt Dishes About Her “Neat Freak” Boyfriend

It’s no shocker that Claire Holt is a very private person. Not only has the Originals actress kept quiet about her boyfriend (you know, the one she took to Teresa Palmer’s baby shower), but she generally keeps to herself — even while out jogging in Hollywood while on break from shooting. But luckily the CW star gave us a little more info about the studly man in her life.

In a recent interview with Just Jared, Claire dished about her favorite Vampire Diaries co-stars and brought up her beau.

When asked about her liking to “keep it real” (read: not showering), Claire opened up about the good ol’ days when she would go without freshening up. “I feel like when I was in high school and we’d go on those outward summer camps, like probably a week,” Claire answered. “Which is terrible and I would never do that now.” Just Jared said Teresa tipped him off about this old habit, so we bet that bestie got a talking to.

“Now, my boyfriend’s a neat freak, so I shower twice a day,” Claire went on to reveal. “I, like, follow in his lead. Yeah, there’s probably been a week-long period there on some camping trip that I’ve gone without. I’ve done a gypsy shower, a little bit of deodorant, wash cloth, makeup wipes.”

While we could totally go without hearing about Claire’s bathing habits, we love that she opened up about her relationship. Now we can start a list of things we know about Claire’s beau:

1. He’s super cute
2. He showers very frequently
3. To be determined…

Come on, Claire. Keep on dishing!

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Source: Just Jared

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