Claire Holt On Leaving The Vampire Diaries: “Rebekah Kind of Lost Her Mojo”
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Claire Holt On Leaving The Vampire Diaries: “Rebekah Kind of Lost Her Mojo”

Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) is one of the characters who made the jump from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals, and we couldn’t be happier to see the sexy blonde vamp getting more material to bite into — pun intended. But how does the actress behind the part feel about the transition? Claire weighed into TV Fanatic on how Rebekah has changed in the spin-off process!

Claire revealed that though playing Rebekah was “so much fun” on TVD, she feels like Rebekah lost some of her sass in Season 4 of the long-running drama — a spunk she has gotten back now that she’s a protagonist in The Originals.

“Rebekah kind of lost her mojo a little in Season 4,” Claire said. “I mean, I really liked the arc that I got to play, but she softened and the thing that I loved the most coming into playing Rebekah was how sassy she was and how fun she was and how she could go on murder sprees and not care at all. So, I really enjoyed getting to go back to her roots and tapping into that side a little more.”

We definitely agree that Rebekah has upped the fun on The Originals. Watching her yell at Klaus, tease Marcel, and form a friendship with Hayley have been some of the highlights of the freshman series. Rebekah is just one of the fascinating characters who we always wanted to see more of on TVD, but the source show never quite had enough time for (an interesting parallel to Rebekah’s own character arc). Claire agrees, saying, “I really loved playing Rebekah on The Vampire Diaries, but there just wasn’t that much time for her because the other characters were more important and so now that we have a show of our own, it’s really fun to sort of explore those sides more.”

Do you think Rebekah lost her mojo in Season 4? Do you think she has it back in The Originals? Sound off in the comments below!

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