Claire Holt Gets Nostalgic About First Acting Auditions: “Develop a Thick Skin”
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The Originals

Claire Holt Gets Nostalgic About First Acting Auditions: “Develop a Thick Skin”

Claire Holt’s (Rebekah Mikaelson) departure as a main character on The Originals means the actress might soon be going to auditions for new roles. The Aussie actress spoke to Glamoholic about her first auditions in America, and how she learned to get past failed auditions. Read on to hear what she had to say!

“When I first came to America, I did so many auditions,” Claire said of her transition from Australian TV to American TV. “You have to develop a thick skin and move on to the next thing the second you walk out of the room. Otherwise, you get too attached to the outcome and become so disappointed if you don’t get the role. I learned to just try my best and let it go after that.”

It helped that Claire didn’t feel the pressure to “make it” in America, either from her family, or — for the most part — herself: “Especially not from my family. I put a little pressure on myself, but I always knew that if it didn’t work out, I had given it everything. I also had a plan B to go back to school in Australia. Thankfully, I haven’t had to do that yet.”

Though Claire has been a part of not one, but two successful TV shows — on one of which, she filled an integral role — she is still quite humble about having “made it.” In fact, she doesn’t really feel that she has: “I’m not sure I really feel that now. It’s such a surreal concept. I’m just so grateful that I’m a working actor and can pay my bills.” Very balanced perspective from a very cool woman! We can’t wait to see what Claire’s next role will bring.

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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