Clare Crawley’s Advice for Juan Pablo Galavis Hits Close to Home
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Clare Crawley’s Advice for Juan Pablo Galavis Hits Close to Home

How quickly things changed for Bachelor Season 18 runner-up Clare Crawley, as she went from frolicking in the ocean with Juan Pablo Galavis to radio silence. Now, Clare is revealing how she currently feels about the guy — and is offering him some interesting advice.

Clare tells Extra that she hasn’t spoken to JPG since they taped the show’s finale in St. Lucia back in November 2013. But if she were to say one thing to him now, it would be to “treat a woman how you want someone to treat your daughter.” However, she says she has “no hard feelings” about their time together, and she has been happily dating since the show ended.

Last month, in an interview with Good Morning America, she mentioned that she was dating plenty. We haven’t heard more about any particular guy becoming her ocean swim pal, but she has a little more to say on the matter. “I’ve been having a great time after the show,” she teases about her current love life.

It’s great to hear that Clare is in such a great place now and we love hearing that she doesn’t have any regrets about how things went. We must say, her pearl of wisdom to Juan Pabs about how to treat women does seem like a pretty useful rule of thumb. Plus, we can’t wait to meet Clare’s lucky new guy (guys?) one of these days!

All in all, things apparently worked out on this season the way they were supposed to: Clare appears to be truly content, as do lovebirds Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell. In other words, everything seems to be “OK.”

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Source: Extra