Is Bachelor 2014 Runner-Up Clare Crawley Dating Someone?! She Says…
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Is Bachelor 2014 Runner-Up Clare Crawley Dating Someone?! She Says…

Clearly, Juan Pablo Galavis and Clare Crawley weren’t meant to be, in more ways than one. After Juan Pablo dumped her on the Bachelor 2014 finale, she informed him that she wouldn’t want him to be the father of her children and then declined to speak to him at the ATFR. We figured she'd be so distraught, she couldn't possibly move on for a bit. But is she already dating a new guy?

Clare appeared on Good Morning America on March 17 and addressed rumors that she has already moved on to a new man. Without offering a solid yes, Clare said, “Um, I’m very happy.” When the show’s host continued to prod, Clare replied, “The good thing is, it’s not on TV right now.” And she added about not ending up with JPG, “I think it’s a blessing in disguise, for sure.”

Wow! It sounds like no one needs to cry for Clare, since she’s doing just fine, thank you very much. And if she is dating someone, we’re curious whether it’s a guy from her past or a guy she’s recently met. Also, for any of those fans who wanted Clare to be the Bachelorette instead of Andi Dorfman, we’re also wondering if Clare’s budding relationship means she wouldn’t have accepted the offer anyway.

OK, so if you’re keeping track, it looks like of Juan Pablo’s final four ladies one is maybe-possibly seeing someone, one (Renee Oteri) is engaged, and one now the star of a TV show centered around her journey to find love. In other words: Juan Pablo, who?

Do you think Clare is indeed seeing someone? And are you hoping they’ll make their relationship public? Or do you think Clare should stay single for a bit longer?

Source: Good Morning America (via ABC News)