Bachelor 2014: Clare Crawley Talks About Her Infamous Video in Deleted Scene
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Clare Crawley Talks About Her Infamous Video in Deleted Scene

Have you heard that Clare Crawley’s dad made a special video for her future husband? Of course you have — she kind of mentioned it a few times. However, while we’ve definitely heard the Sacramento stylist discuss her deceased dad’s sweet gesture on more than one occasion, she apparently hadn’t opened up to the other girls about it until some downtime in Miami, as this deleted scene from the February 17 episode reveals.

“Have I told you guys about the video? “ she asks Renee Oteri and Chelsie Webster, who clearly haven’t been eavesdropping on Clare’s conversations with Juan Pablo. The two biggest sweeties of the season melt as Clare tells them about the video she’s never seen, which her father recorded for her shortly before he passed — which is for her to watch only with her future husband.

Though fans who’ve watched the season since the premiere already know the story, we did learn one more tear-inducing detail in Clare’s saga. Apparently, knowing he wouldn’t be around for her wedding, Clare’s dad told her of their daddy-daughter dance, “Why wait till then?” and took her for a twirl to Luther Vandross’s “Dance With My Father.”

Naturally, the other girls are reduced to tears imagining that touching moment. Though Clare clearly still misses her father very much, she knows he’s always close by her side. Before he passed, Clare asked him what she should do if she finds she misses him too badly.

“Go to the water,” he told her, “and throw a rock. And as far as you throw that rock, I won’t be any further from the rock.”

Okay, no dry eyes over here. We think we get now why the ocean is so important to Clare! Check out the video for the whole clip — but definitely grab a box of tissues first.