Bachelor in Paradise Star Clare Crawley on Life After Juan Pablo (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Star Clare Crawley on Life After Juan Pablo (VIDEO)

It’s easy for a bad breakup to make even the sweetest girl turn bitter, so we wouldn’t be surprised if The Bachelor Season 17 runner-up Clare Crawley was ready to swear off men forever and join a convent. Girl had probably the most scathing parting words in recent memory when Juan Pablo showed her the limo door in the finale. So, has our girl Clare decided to join the order of the Jilted Sisters of St. Lucia or what?

Well, far from taking up the veil, she’s one of the stars of this summer’s reality romance romp, Bachelor in Paradise. In tonight’s premiere, she introduces herself to the BiP audience as “the girl who fell for Juan Pablo’s bulls—t.” Actually, Clare, we remember you best as the girl who likes to swim in the ocean at 3 a.m., which we’re guessing is a major asset for folks on this spinoff.

The way Clare tells it, though her experience with Juan Pablo left a bad taste in her mouth, things did turn out for the better in one big way: “I learned so much about myself,” she explains. “Standing up for myself to a man for the first time in my life felt so incredible.”

Sounds like Clare’s girl-power moment with Juan Pabs will serve her well in the uncharted waters of Bachelor in Paradise. “Going on this show is gonna be a huge risk, but why not take that risk?” she asks. “I know now that I’m a strong person. Bring it on! Because I still, to this second, believe in love, and I know that it’s out there for me.”

Atta girl, Clare! But is that love in Tulum, Mexico? Check out all our BiP spoilers if you want to learn whether her search for true love bears fruit this season!

Source: Entertainment Weekly