Bachelor 2014: Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo Swim Shaming Is “Far From Over”
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Bachelor 2014: Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo Swim Shaming Is “Far From Over”

What happens in Vietnam does not always stay there. (Just ask your history books.) Juan Pablo Galavis is roughly halfway through his journey to a thousand double standards, and his Episode 5 ocean swim drama with Clare Crawley is going to continue into Episode 6.

As Chris Harrison teases in this week’s Entertainment Weekly blog, “the issue between the two of them is far from over.”

Next week, on the Monday, February 10 show, the final eight women will travel with JPG to New Zealand. ABC’s synopsis of next week’s ep says, "An outspoken Clare does her best to mend her connection with Juan Pablo after her tearful confrontation with him during last week’s cocktail party in Vietnam. The two meet for a private picnic near a beautiful river running through the New Zealand countryside. Will Clare be successful or will she be headed home?" (If you like spoilers, you can get the answer here.)

The promo for Week 6 shows Clare rolling out her suitcase, and we hear her voice say, "I'm still having a hard time with what happened in Vietnam." Then we see JPG and Clare outside, with the Bachelor saying, "You caught me off guard." Cut to Clare’s voice-over again: "I need answers." Back to Clare at the picnic, asking him, "Did we do anything inappropriate?" He says, "It didn't feel right to me." Her question about doing anything “inappropriate” suggests all they did was kiss and cuddle in the ocean (clothed, not skinny dipping like Ben and Courtney).

JPG keeps acting like she shamed them both, but he seemed more than fine with it at the time. And even if his daughter Camila does watch the show 10 or 20 years from now, do you think she’ll be more disappointed by her dad’s early morning swim or how he acted afterward?

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, ABC

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