Clare Crawley Says Bachelor Viewers Saw Juan Pablo’s “True Personality”
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Clare Crawley Says Bachelor Viewers Saw Juan Pablo’s “True Personality”

There has been talk lately — given how dramatically the media perception of Juan Pablo Galavis has changed in the past few months — that Bachelor producers made Juan Pablo look like a villain through careful editing. However, Season 18 runner-up Clare Crawley disagrees, claiming (cue the Cyndi Lauper) that his true colors came shining through during his time on the show.

The “villain edit” theory has been espoused by a few members of Bachelor Nation, including Jason Mesnick, who claims the show’s producers had threatened to make him look bad if he didn’t propose back on his own Season 13. And Juan Pablo is certainly leaning toward that explanation, having not proposed in Monday’s finale. He claims viewers just “saw a character on TV” and that he’s “not a bad guy.”

However, Clare tells Good Morning America that Juan Pablo was not a victim of biased editing. “As short of a time period as we get to see on TV, I think your true personality kind of comes through in the end,” she said. “I think mine did, and I think his did as well.” She adds that viewers could see who he really was by “how he talked to me in Vietnam.”

OK, so Clare makes some valid points, since their Vietnam convo was quite uncomfortable. And the fact that she’s willing to admit that the oft-emotional, rather sensitive, “bucket list” having version of herself that turned some viewers off is the real her adds to her case. Why would she own it if it wasn’t her true self? That said, she might not be the most unbiased person to weigh in here, since she did seem ready to marry the guy until he opted for Nikki Ferrell.

Indeed, perhaps we’ll have a better sense of what kind of guy he really is when we see if he and Nikki can make things last, or if she begins to be bothered by the issues that surfaced with Clare and… well, any number of the other ladies.

Do you think Clare is right about Juan Pablo revealing who he really is on the show? Or is she perhaps still a bit bitter about not getting the final rose?

Source: Good Morning America (via ABC News)