Clare Crawley Speaks Out for the First Time Since Bachelor 2014 Finale!
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The Bachelor

Clare Crawley Speaks Out for the First Time Since Bachelor 2014 Finale!

We have to say, we’ve never seen an audience flip-flop on a contestant quite as immediately as they did over Clare Crawley. Though in earlier weeks her gung-ho attitude toward Juan Pablo Galavis got on some folks’ nerves, we’re pretty sure all the shouts of “You go girl!” during their final confrontation caused a few earthquakes. Now, having completely washed her hands of El Bachelor, Clare has taken to Twitter to share one final thought on the matter.

“It takes a strong man to love a strong woman,” she tweeted. We guess that little quip could apply as much to her cohort Nikki Ferrell who, four months after filming, still hasn’t heard those three little words from her boyfriend JPG. We suspect Clare won’t have much more to say on the subject, having clearly said she’s “over it” during the “After the Final Rose” special.

Though Clare turned down the opportunity to put Juan Pablo on the hot seat, she certainly said what she needed to during her dumping ceremony in St. Lucia, and in her ITM interview, where she condemned the Bachelor for a lewd comment she doesn’t care to repeat. After giving him a piece of her mind, the tone deaf Juan Pablo basically said he dodged a bullet. Well, somebody definitely did — we’re just not so sure it’s you, dude.

Source: Clare Crawley on Twitter