Why Clare Crawley Will NOT Win The Bachelor 2014
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The Bachelor

Why Clare Crawley Will NOT Win The Bachelor 2014

If the final rose were handed out strictly based on which lady Juan Pablo Galavis spent the most time with him in the wee hours of the morning, Clare Crawley would win hands-down, by virtue of that Infamous Midnight Swim. However, because more factors are involved in choosing the final lady, we have a pretty good feeling that Clare’s flight from St. Lucia to Sacramento won’t be a happy one.

There are a number of reasons why Clare won’t be the last woman standing at the Season 18 finale, but the biggest is that the show always seemed for like a competition for her, rather than a chance to actually get to know Juan Pabs. She had clever tactics for earning his attention like harping on about not wanting to eat octopus, but eating it for him, or pulling him out of his room for the aforementioned ocean dip but it always just felt like one-upmanship over the other ladies.

And even as their relationship progressed, things always seemed more physical connection between them than anything else. There’s no question that there’s an attraction there, but as Sharleen Joynt proved, that’s not always enough. And the fact that Nikki Ferrell got to meet Camila — instead of Clare — tells us all we need to know about their connection.

Only time will tell if our hunch is right. But we have a feeling that Clare is going to lose by a hair. (Get it “hair”? Because she’s a hairstylist?)

Do you think that Clare might actually be the right choice for him?