Clare Crawley Questions Juan Pablo’s Integrity, Says “He Made Me Feel Awful”
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Clare Crawley Questions Juan Pablo’s Integrity, Says “He Made Me Feel Awful”

Clare Crawley spoke to reporters today about her steamy hookup with Juan Pablo Galavis on the February 3 episode of The Bachelor. The main topic of conversation: Did they or didn’t they go all the way?

On the call, Clare not only denied that the two of them had sex, she also called Juan Pablo out for treating her unfairly after he got regretful about their makeout session. She wasn’t the only one; the day after the episode aired, Chris Harrison told TV Guide that JPG had made Clare feel “cheap.

“When she showed up, he was fully into it like this is awesome and sexy and she was as happy as can be and then he turns around and treats her like all of a sudden she did something wrong and broke the rules,” the host of 12 years said of Juan Pablo’s about-face treatment of Clare.

When a reporter asked Clare about whether Chris’s remarks were spot on or not, she was definitely on the same page. "I do agree with Chris Harrison,” she said. “I think at the end of the day it's your delivery on what you say, and I don't think that's a language barrier. I think it's how you choose to make a woman feel. ... You shouldn't make a woman cry whether it's right or wrong, and it was pretty bad at the time. He made me feel awful."

Clare Crawley Questions Juan Pablo’s Integrity, Says “He Made Me Feel Awful”
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YIKES! You hear that, Juan Pablo? It sounds like your girls are turning on you.

While Juan Pablo said that he regretted their hot ‘n' heavy ocean session, Clare says that his change of heart was news to her. "We did nothing wrong. When it's a mutual thing, you don't — as I said in that episode, why didn't you tell me then? Why didn't you stop me then? ... I'm a grown woman and I can handle the truth. I wish in the moment and even now that I would have been a little more verbal. You'll see in the future episodes that I stand up for myself, and I take pride in that."

Indeed, the promo for Episode 6 in New Zealand shows that Juan Pablo invites Clare on a 1-on-1 date, and she continues to ask him what was inappropriate about two grown, consenting adults showing a little affection. For his part, he seems to be a little caught off guard, continuing to equivocate on the matter.

Clare Crawley Questions Juan Pablo’s Integrity, Says “He Made Me Feel Awful”
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And Clare had even more to say! She continued pointing out the errors not just of Juan Pablo’s actions in the moment, but also in how he approached his starring role The Bachelor. "I just think that if you're going to be entering into something of this nature, you want to know exactly what you want, and exactly what you're looking for, and exactly your boundaries, and exactly your integrity," the frontrunner tells reporters.

Again, Chris Harrison also feels that Juan Pablo’s words and actions don’t match up. While he brought up the issue in relation to how JPG treats single mom Renee Oteri, whom he refused to kiss because she’s a single mom, it applies to Clare as well. “[A]t the end of the day that's what Juan Pablo says he wants, but is that something Juan Pablo really wants?”

Hmm, is Clare foreshadowing more trouble ahead for herself and Juan Pablo, or has she forgiven him in the time sense this all went down? What do you think?

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