Coach Fired For Taking Middle School Football Team to Hooters!
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Coach Fired For Taking Middle School Football Team to Hooters!

Places it's acceptable to hold a middle school football dinner: Olive Garden, Chuck E. Cheese, and anywhere that serves pizza and breadsticks. Places it's unacceptable to hold a middle school football dinner: Hooters.

Unfortunately, Oregon football coach Randall Burbach didn't get this memo, and was recently fired for hosting an awards dinner for his team at the titillating House of Hotness. Also, his team consisted of 12-14 year old boys. File this under "Fail."

Apparently, the school's athletic director, JP Soulagnet, asked Burbach to change the event's location and he refused, which means JP was left with no choice but to write a letter to parents. The letter explained stated that Hooters "objectifies women" and is largely considered the worst place to conduct a teenage awards dinner other than a "bar, tavern, or strip club."

But what does Burbach have to say in his defense? "I believe this is a fine venue," he told the Oregonian. "It's not a strip club. If you have a dirty mind, you'll find dirt." Note to Burbach: most middle school boys have dirty minds.

Burbach was fired, but he's still planning on holding his dinner at Hooters (they're even picking up the tab!), however it won't be an official school event. So phew, middle school boys. You'll still get a chance to gawk at scantily clad ladies while binge-eating chicken wings! And who knows? Maybe some of you will even go through puberty on this fated night.

Do you think this football coach should have been fired for hosting his middle school team's award ceremony at Hooters, or did the school over react? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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11.7.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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