Are The Voice Coaches Too Nice?
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The Voice

Are The Voice Coaches Too Nice?

Cee Lo Green (or was that his alter-ego, Zorro?) made mention of the fact that the judges could possibly be being far too nice on The Voice on last night’s Top 12 performance episode, and we’re wondering if there may be something to that. Interestingly enough, if you plug “The Voice judges too nice ” into your search engine of choice, you’ll get about a bazillion hits. Apparently, this isn’t an original thought but perhaps one worth exploring.

American Idol has come under fire for the same thing since the acid-tongued Simon Cowell left the show. The problem being that when you hear everyone heap praise on nearly all the singers for nearly all of the performances, it’s hard for anyone to really stand out one way or the other.

The other issue? A little tension between the judges might not be a bad thing. Viewers love drama and, although it went over the top on last season of Idol, the occasional Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey battle was enjoyable.

Blake Shelton commented on this very issue last week, saying, “Isn't it great how nice we're all being to each other? That's because we're not against each other yet; next week, we're gonna be really mean to you."

Perhaps it’s our Machiavellian nature, but we kind of enjoyed the fact that Cee Lo Green recently dissed Blake, dishing on the Today Show, “I think he got a little lazy, a little complacent.”

"He's a little boastful this season," Christina Aguilera chimed in. "And he's a little lazy this season."

Is it just us or does this add a bit of spice to it all? What do you think? Are The Voice judges too nice to the contestants and to each other this season? Sound off in the comments!