Are Coco and Ice-T Pregnant With Their First Child?
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Are Coco and Ice-T Pregnant With Their First Child?

Is there an Ice Loves Coco Plus One coming to a small screen near you? Hopefully! It turns out Ice-T and Coco are looking to finally add a baby to their little family. While they are proud parents to their two bulldogs, Spartacus and Maximus, the couple has confirmed that they are in fact trying to get pregnant.

“Ice and I are very organized — we keep a list of what we need to do, and right now having a baby is next on the life list!” Coco tells In Touch. “I’m pre-nataling it with vitamins and everything to get my body prepared.”

Ice-T, 56, and Coco, 35, have been married for 13 years now — practically an eternity in Hollywood — and they’ve had their fair share of scandal (remember those photos of Coco and rapper Ap. 9? Not OK!). But nothing has broken these two apart, which is why we can’t get enough of this infamous reality TV couple.

Their lives have been caught on camera for their hit E! Online television show with Ice-T and Coco being very open about their fertility issues, and even looking into freezing Coco’s eggs.

It looks like now is the perfect time for these two to start working on their future with a baby, and Coco is more than ready. “I always told myself that when I turned 35, I would start thinking about a baby,” she adds. We hope to hear some good news from these two lovebirds soon!

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Source: In Touch