Cody Sattler Is Training Chris Soules to Get Fit For Bachelor 2015!
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Chris Soules

Cody Sattler Is Training Chris Soules to Get Fit For Bachelor 2015!

Remember how Cody Sattler tried to impress Andi Dorfman by pushing a limo up the driveway to Bachelor Mansion on the premiere of The Bachelorette Season 10? Well apparently, Chris Soules is looking to one-up C.Satts and impress his 25 ladies by pushing a tractor up the drive. Hopefully he’ll ditch the suit jacket and get John Deere up the hill sans shirt… Drool and schwing!

Chris is hard at work getting into leading man shape, and has even enlisted personal trainer and pal CodyCode to help him get his muscles ready for their close-up. According to Reality Steve, Cody’s even moved into Chris’s pad in Arlington, Iowa and has been a fixture in the cornfields “for a few weeks now.”

Cody announced the news on Twitter, writing “So excited to personal train my buddy @C_Soules as he prepares for his journey on the #bachelor and finding love!” Guess women aren’t the only ones who sweat for the dress.

No deets on the workout regimen Chris and his live-in trainer will follow, but according to his Facebook post, they will be eating pre-portioned, nutritional meals from Flex Pro Meals during the get-ripped fest.

So will Cody be a fixture on The Bachelor Season 19, pumping Chris up between dates? Sadly, no. Steve says Mr. Quads will peace out once Chris leaves for filming.

Chris was already a Hottie McHotterson to begin with, so we’re expecting mega sexiness of epic proportions when Cody’s done with him. Just don’t overdo it boys. Biceps are one thing, but biceps the size of your head are a little scary — not to mention they make sweaters hang funny.

Are you excited to see Chris once Cody’s done with him? Give us your comments.

Source: Cody on Twitter, Chris on Facebook