Cody Sattler: Nick Viall’s Negative Attitude Rubbed Me the Wrong Way
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The Bachelorette

Cody Sattler: Nick Viall’s Negative Attitude Rubbed Me the Wrong Way

Every season of The Bachelorette has its “villain,” and this tenth outing is no different. Andi Dorfman’s most divisive dude, Nick Viall, has made the prosecutor fall for him while simultaneously alienating himself from the rest of the cast. But is his “cocky” persona all it’s played out to be, or is it, like Chris Harrison said, just the signs of a man who’s confidently in love? Nick’s sparring partner and Episode 6 cast-off Cody Sattler weighed in this week.

Cody was interviewed by reporters in a conference call this week, where he opened up about his emotional exit from the ABC quest for love. During the chat, he also was asked about his issues with Nick — mainly, did he buy it when McSalty, during his 1-on-1 with Andi, acknowledged his bad behavior? Or did he think he was being manipulative?

“Not necessarily manipulate,” Cody said tentatively, before adding, “I think Nick is just his own person. I think that's just kind of who he is as a human ... I think he was also in a tough position. He got a date early on and had built a pretty strong relationship with Andi.”

Cody acknowledges that he and some of the other suitors might have been a little jealous of the sales exec’s quick connection with the Bachelorette. But that doesn’t excuse Nick’s Negative Nancy behavior, he says.

“He's had kind of a negative attitude, is what rubbed me wrong with him,” the V-neck connoisseur continues. “I hated hearing him say, ‘Ugh, I hate being on a group date,’ or, ‘I hate seeing guys go on one-on-one dates’ … I was so thankful and appreciative of being there, and hearing someone have that attitude killed me.”

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Source: Reality TV World